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I've always thought that extraordinary people are driven by love in every possible way: passion, laughter, and the joy of living each moment, good or bad, to the fullest. They might break but they find ways to pull all the pieces back together again. They're committed to life and to living it fully: they care, they give, they shape their reality, and although they might be afraid, they overcome their fears gracefully and triumphantly. They communicate on a level deeper than mundane chit chat, They can change people around them, they can shake them to their very core, and they create their own roadmap of a meaningful life. Some people are able to transform us with such intensity that after having spent time with them, whether it be minutes, days, months, or a lifetime, we are never the same. And they are so rare to find. Those are my favorite kinds of people. The ones who have made my life meaningful. "ORDINARY PEOPLE EXTRAORDINARY THINGS"

Let them shine!

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